How To Get Rid Of Bats is a question that plagues many a homeowner who is facing bat infestation at home. We do know that bats are actually beneficial to us; they eat up thousands of bugs and insects such as mosquitoes but if they are living too close for comfort such as the attic, you surely do need to get rid of them. But before you do so ensure that the country you live in permits getting rid of bats. Countries such as UK and many others protect their bat species and it is considered illegal to move or disturb them.

Why and how to get rid of bats at the right time of the year

You cannot get rid of bats any time of the year, you need to choose the right time and this differs from country to country. By evacuating the bats in the wrong season you are jeopardizing their overall survival which is not acceptable in many a country.

How To Get Rid Of BatsMost important factor in this regard is to know the maternity season of the bats and avoid evacuation during this time. If dealing with a nursing colony we cannot remove the adult bats before the pups can fly out, by doing this the pups would die right in the building itself causing a lot of problems locating the carcasses moreover this is also an inhuman act.

Maternity season in Canada and the US is between the months of May and August.

Whereas in the southernmost US the season starts off as early as mid April.

While in Indiana, it is between late June and early July that the pups are born.

And in the state of Washington you cannot remove bats during May, June and July.

Basically one should avoid evacuating bats during the winter months when they hibernate and since during this period it is difficult for them to find food outside they could die of starvation and we don’t want this to happen.

So how to get rid of bats during the right season

First of all locate the points of entry by looking for bat droppings but while doing so be careful and avoid inhaling while you are close to it; you could get histoplasmosis especially if your immune system is weak.

If you are unable to identify the entry points following this method, you can watch out and get to see where the bats emerge from during night time.

Some of the most common entry points for bats are

Missing or loose tiles

Broken screens

Points from where wires or pipes enter the building

Place where the porch attaches to the main house

Cracks and crevices where the siding forms corners and places where it meets doors, windows or chimneys

All of these entry points need to be plugged before you begin to evacuate the bats so that they cannot re enter the place

How to prevent re entry

Though you have been successful in evacuating the bats you cannot rest assured that the job is done; they try to keep re entering the house which you should try to block.

One way to prevent re entry is to perform repeated sealings; after they leave to feed at night you need to staple a screen over the entry points so that they don’t return. If you perfom a couple of sealings you can get rid of the entire colony.

The other way is to use one way devices and this method is popular with the professionals. Once you know that all bats have left these devices can be removed and the entry points can be sealed permanently. You can buy these one way devices or make them on your own with netting material or PVC pipes.

The netting needs to be in place for at least five days to a week for making sure that all the bats have been evicted. Now you can seal the openings permanently using silicone cauling, caulk, backing rod, hardware cloth or heavy duty netting.

How to get rid of bats using simple home remedies

One very popular remedy for bats is moth balls or the naphthalene balls which can chase away the bats and also avoid re entry. These balls can be found easily at the pest control stores. Tie them in a soft cloth and hang at your home. How effective moth balls depends upon the ventilation of the place; in a well ventilated room the effectiveness of naphthalene balls will be low. A word of caution; for being effective these moth balls have to be frequently replaced.

Phenol is a product that bats find repulsive and irritating; spray white phenol over occupied areas and repeat it periodically until the smell is too strong for the bats to endure and they leave the place.

Aerosol pet repellents are another natural remedy for getting rid of bats; spray them in the bat infested areas but remember not to spray it when bats are present on the spot.

One of the more pleasant ways to chase out bats is to use Mylar balloons; helium filled balloons kept in motion and hung in bat colonies after they leave at night scare the bats away.

One more simple way to get rid of bats is to hang aluminium foil to create chiming sounds apart from bling when the area is lit and this sure does disturb the bats so much so that they eventually leave the place. Using this at the entry points is best to keep bats away.

Mirrors too have a similar effect when hung in the areas where the bats reside; when the lights are turned on the reflection from the mirrors disturbs the bats extremely forcing them to move out.

Most easy of all is to sprinkle cinnamon powder in the bat colony which is a non toxic method to drive out the bats.

So also are eucalyptus and peppermint; the smell is so very annoying to the bats that they soon leave the place.

These are some of the simple natural remedies for you if you are looking out for solution on How To Get Rid Of Bats, try them first before you call in the professional exterminators!