The Benefits of Having a Bat House Installed in Your Backyard

Bat HouseHaving a bat house in your yard means you’ll probably have some bats there too. Bats are a cool animal. At night, when the sun has gone down, if you watch the bat house at the right time you will see more bats come out of that small wooden box than you thought would ever be possible. It is likely that a whole colony will live in your bat house. At a distance, this is safe and a great resource to educate your children about local wildlife.

Do you know what they eat? They eat bugs. There are lots of animals that eat bugs. However, bats eat bugs in a different way than a lot of the landlocked animals. Most North American bats travel via echolocation. They are able to hear the location of the bug in the air which gives them more access to different bugs. They can eat thousands of bugs every single night. They are the most efficient pesticide ever known to the world. Having bats around your garden and the garden of your neighbors will mean that there are fewer pesticides going into our gardens. This is best for the longevity of the soil, and it is best for the people eating the fruits of the land.

Attracting BatsThere’re lots of reasons why having a bat house is good for us as people. The prime reason is probably that we don’t want bats in our own house. If you had a bat problem, and you want to expel bats, giving them a place to go will mean that they don’t try to come back into your house again.

Having a bat house is also good for bats. In the wild, bats had plenty of places to roost in forests. However, the American life is taking away so much of their natural habitat. There are more and more societies springing up to protect the bat. Providing a home for local species of bats is a great way to protect them.

There are some creatures that feel bats are a tasty treat. If you have a bat house, you probably want to protect them from such creatures. You want to have the bat house at least 10 feet off the ground, preferably closer to 20. Having the house on a pole is the best way to make sure that nothing can get in there while the bats are sleeping during the day. Another good option is the side of a barn. You want to be careful about installing it on a tree. You certainly can, just make sure it’s not one that predators can you easily go up.

If you want to attract bats, be careful about lighting situations. You don’t want the bat house to be in the path of a street light or your garage light. They want dark at night. At the same time, bats only stay in your bat house during the summer months if you live in northern regions. In contrast, make sure the house gets plenty of sunlight during the day because they love the heat. They usually live in caves during the winter because it is warmer. Some even migrate south. If you want bats to be part of your backyard ecosystem, you’ve got to treat them right and design proper bat house plans that’s true to their needs.

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